Strength In Numbers:
Alliance members are part of a professional association whose unified voice carries tremendous credibility and influence in the development of public policy and the distribution of government dollars. We represent $205 million in programs and services, over 5,500 employees, and touch the lives of over 100,000 children each year.

Government Relations:
Decades of credible work by the Alliance has established effective relationships with state agencies, the Governor’s office, and the Legislature.

The Alliance contracts with a professional lobbying firm. Our lobbyist provides legislative insight, strategy ideas, and direct communication to key legislators.

speaker1Our Executive Director, a former registered lobbyist with significant legislative experience, coordinates our legislative activities and ensures we are in the right place and the right time with the right message.


Our Advocacy work focuses on 3 main areas:




We value public-private partnerships and collaborate at the state level, and with each other, at every possibility. We are significantly engaged on advisory boards, steering committees, task forces, workgroups and other committee work with state agencies.

Our Executive Director and other members also have gubernatorial appointments for representation.

Kids Caucus

The Kids Caucus will focus on school age children and youth, from 3rd to 12th grade (8 to 18 years old). This is a period of continued brain and cognitive development for learning and critical thinking. Those children who are challenged by traumatic events in their lives as they grow older, or who are behind in school and health targets — can still achieve high school graduation, and readiness for adulthood — if we invest in this developmental period.

Why this age group of children? Because we are doing an incredible job for very young children (0 to 8 years old), through Early Learning Hubs, education transformation, parenting, mental health, and the transformative thinking and commitments by legislators and state agencies to invest  richly in this era of young lives. Simply, we need to make similar investments in other school-aged children.

The Kids Caucus will have a focused, critical list of priorities to keep the right agenda for the 8 – 18 year old children in the capitol. A coordinated legislative agenda will ensure we don’t miss the important opportunities to assure prevention and intervention for these children as circumstances may impact their lives or their growth and development matures.

The Kids Caucus is bi-cameral, and bi-partisan. Its primary focus is to enhance the legislature’s understanding of and support for better coordination of highly effective services and programs that will build a future for every child and for all of Oregon.

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Advocacy Kickoff

Each year prior to the Legislative Session the Alliance members gather for the annual Advocacy Kickoff. On January 9, 2015 we were honored to be joined by Senator Gelser (D-8, Corvallis), Representative Margaret Doherty (D-35, SW Portland), and Representative John Huffman (R-59, The Dalles).

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