Arnie Green Award

In Oregon, there live children who, even as they face challenging circumstances that threaten to prevent them from obtaining a quality life and a level of contribution to their communities, are nonetheless essential to Oregon’s future.

The Arnie Green Award (previously the Rose Otte Award) nominees recognize the challenges these children face and prioritize their needs in the competing interests of Oregon, and are committed to a courageous battle. Recipients have demonstrated such a commitment – through leadership, innovation, and long-standing efforts – that acknowledges and provides for the needs of these children.




2008 Winner: Chris Folkestad

Past Winners:

2007 – Pam Patton
2006 – Robert Roy
2005 – Craig Campbell, Bill Thorndike, Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Dr. John Deeney
2004 – Gun Denhart, Al Jubitz
2003 – David Sarasohn
2002 – Duncan Campbell, Sen. Lenn Hannon
2001 – John Emrick
2000 – Arnie Green
1999 – Kay Toran
1998 – Sen. Kate Brown, Rep. Kitty Piercy