Diamond Award

Each year, the Alliance looks to its membership, to recognize those individuals who have been both outstanding leaders in Oregon for children, and also an outstanding leader in the Alliance. The Alliance membership is representative of the incredible dedication and leadership a handful of Oregonians have, each of whom has committed their professional lives to the wellbeing of children in Oregon. The children they care for have faced tough times, and challenges most adults will never experience in their lives.

This is the Alliance’s most meaningful award because it comes from peers who want to recognize colleagues within the Alliance who have made extraordinary contributions towards our shared goals for children and families.

The award plaque reads, “The Diamond Award is given to a person who has demonstrated consistent and outstanding leadership to Oregon’s children and families, and to the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs.”



 photo DiamondAwardWinners_zpsb39996bf.jpg
2010 Award Winner – Mike Ware (in red)¬†pictured with (from left to right) 2000 Award Winner –¬†Dennis Morrow, 2007 Award Winner – Bob Johnson, 2008 Award Winner Kim Scott, and 2009 Award Winner – Craig Opperman.

Past Winners

2015: Francis Maher
2013: The Alliance Membership
2012: Deborah Cathers-Seymour
2011: Tom Mitchell
2010: Mike Ware
2009: Craig Opperman
2008: Kim Scott
2007: Bob Johnson
2006: Mike Balter
2005: Arnie Green
2004: Jim Forbes
2003: Chris Krenk
2002: Emma Dennis
2001: Benson Meyers
2000: Dennis Morrow
1999: Sylvia Roehnelt
1998: John DeMay
1997: Richard Smith
1996: Rose Otte
1995: Doug Poppen
1994: Ruth Brodeur
1993: Pam Patton
1992: Richard Patton
1991: Kathy Seymour
1990: Jess Armas
1989: Jim Seymour