Message from Executive Director


stablished in 1917, early iterations of the Alliance organized nonprofit providers to help them advocate for the needs of children and families, and for the people who provide them services. Today, our mission remains the same — to provide the highest quality services in order to achieve critical outcomes for children and families.

These are children who are either at risk of being unsupported as they face challenges at home, school or community; or who are already struggling to overcome trauma impacts from abuse or neglect, mental illness, homelessness, developmental disabilities, or addiction issues. Some of the youth are involved in the juvenile justice system. In addition to helping children who are already in local and state public systems, we also represent prevention programs and education services.


The Alliance is a statewide, nonprofit, membership association. Licensed nonprofit organizations serving children are encouraged to contact us for information on how to be an active partner in our quest for quality, and our advocacy for these children and their families.

On this website, you will see members listed with their contact information. Feel free to contact any of them with questions about their programs and services, or about their engagement with the Alliance. I also welcome your questions and comments, and you can reach me directly through the information provided on our website, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for the work you are doing, and for your interest in the Alliance!
Best regards,

Janet D Arenz, Executive Director